Aurita’s Proposal

Elegant, sophisticated, stunning cakes and dessert table for your special occasion located in Sacramento, California. 

Welcoming all configurations of couples and celebrating love!

Anneliese Gerrein, Aurita’s owner, is a cosmopolitan cake designer who has a diverse background in Fine Art, Psychology and Culinary Arts. As a passion Anneliese has spent summers in kitchens as an apprentice. She has worked at Soeta Restaurant in Brazil, listed in the 50 Best Discovery, from former El Bulli Chefs Pablo Pavon and Barbara Verzola, as well as at Canon, a local favorite, as Garde Manger. Born in Brazil, but having lived in Germany, Vienna (Austria), and coast to coast in America, Anneliese understands and celebrates the diversity in life and flavors. Her number one goal is to please the couple and impress their guests.